Whilst bored and a bit drunk I attempted to draw characters from late 80’s Chris Clearmont era Xmen, Y’know the time when they were all hiding out in Australia, Deathstrike, the Reavers, Nimrod, The Brood, all that stuff. They were my favourite comics as a kid, I think I still have some The Bill Sienkowitz New Mutants stuff was great too. Also drew some awful street fighter II characters

more stuff

Tried out my Muji brush pen on holiday. I’m pretty pleased with the sheep drawing, it was a pretty weird sheep. The goat we saw was well cute but was moving a lot. I used to draw stuff like this  loads in Uni, I seem to have lost the knack of drawing quickly.

Facial hair and hat hatred.

More cowboy stuff, been reading a lot of Cormac Mcarthy Westerns.  I like this guys gnarly forearm.

Some wonky drawings of Jones done on holiday. I need way more practice, I tried a few portraits including the whole more of the body but they were too wonky even for this blog.

Wonky self portraits with stupid expressions. I pull weird faces when people take photos of me too.